Your prayer is one of the most important aspects of this work.  Below are many ways you can be praying anytime. I will also occasionally email specific prayer requests; please email me at to receive those.

Prayer for Bolivia:

  • Praise God for his creation- the beautiful natural landscapes and people from diverse indigenous cultures.
  • That the improvement of infrastructure and services would always respect this natural environment and maintain cultural traditions.
  • For deep understanding of Christ’s forgiveness and grace, and his once-and-for-all sacrifice.
  • That local churches act on God’s call and his power to reach and serve their neighbors.

Prayer for this work:

  • Pray that each community (Konani, Kenco, and Carani) feels honored and contributes with their many resources.
  • For mobilization of resources from the government and other organizations and individuals.
  • That power seeking and politics are overridden by the goal of serving people.
  • That the Bolivian and U.S. churches involved humbly learn, bless, and receive.
  • To not only provide improved drinking water, but that local churches are further enabled to provide the “free water of life” in their communities.

Prayer for me:

  • Thank God for bringing me here and for making it possible to serve.
  • Pray that I am motivated daily to do efficient and high-quality work, realizing that lives are at stake.
  • But that I trust God deeply- it is his work and not mine. That I’m constantly open to his guidance.
  • That people are faithful to God’s call to support financially and in prayer, and that I would be a faithful steward of that support.
  • For deep, Christ-centered community in which we come to know God intimately and together, serve and share his love.
  • Health and safety, joy and humility.




2 thoughts on “Pray

  1. When you come to this page and commit to praying for me, or have a word of wisdom or encouragement to share, please post here. Thank you for your prayers!

  2. Lauren,
    So encouraging to read your blog and hear what the Lord is doing in you down there. You are an incredible woman! I am so proud of you and so thankful that someone like you is a part of this community here – even if you are living down there;)
    I will be praying for you as the Lord brings you to my heart in the coming weeks and months. I know he is so faithful and will be so faithful to you. This is just incredible work – I would so love to have another girls lock in to just sit down with you and pick your brain!
    Please continue to let us know your prayer needs – this blog is so helpful, especially with all the pictures!
    Everyone is doing well here. The crew of us just got back from Israel and we are praying about what God is calling us to do here together. The idea of planting house churches has been coming up again and again, and so if you think of us, pray that as we open the doors wider and the possibility of starting something similar to a house church that God would direct us and give us the needed direction and grace.

    You are in my heart and prayers Lauren.

    Much love, Kate

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