The Projects

Though I will be based in the capital, La Paz, the projects will be throughout Bolivia. In addition to managing three new projects, I support the other EIA staff in their projects. You can read about those and get an idea for what my projects are like at the EIA website.

Methodist VIM (Volunteers In Mission) teams who are equipped to do engineering community development and willing to make a 3-5 year commitment are be matched with a local church in Bolivia. By learning from the Bolivian community about their needs and resources, all partners develop an appropriate solution, with the U.S. engineers doing the engineering design work. We do external peer reviews to ensure soundness of design and sustainability. All project partners will fundraise and implement the solution together. The partnership will continue to ensure that the project is maintained, and to consider next-step projects.

These partnerships are not just established to implement project after project, nor for church-goers in the U.S. to serve and have a cross-cultural experience. Bolivian and U.S. churches will come side by side for mutual and intentional spiritual growth, demonstrating the solidarity of the global church and God’s love and provision.


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