Leaving Bolivia

I have two weeks left in this country. What started as “at least one year” has now turned into nearly 3 incredible years in Bolivia. No, I don’t feel ready to leave. But I’m doing my best to get myself ready. Am I excited to be going home? Sometimes. But more often I’m sad to be leaving home. I’m excited to see people I’ve missed, and also having a really hard time saying goodbyes. I read in a missionary blog (that I can’t find anymore) about the important “and“. Rather than saying “It’s hard, but it’s good”, as if one cancels out the other, why can’t it be both hard and good? I’m trying to make the most of my normal everyday life that I love so much and will soon change. I’ve transitioned my projects to other engineers, and have some important meetings my last week to clarify long-term direction of partnerships and projects. I’ve had many despedidas (goodbye parties/events) and there are more to come. I’m trying to appreciate all I have here, while also trying to get excited for what’s ahead. I’ve been accepted to Columbia University for a master’s in Earth Resources Engineering. Meanwhile, I’ll go to Minneapolis for the last two weeks of June to do a dance intensive with a company that does interdisciplinary work with scientific research. In July I’ll be based in Chicago, and go to Oklahoma for some continued work with Engineers In Action and the Methodist Church (I suppose a volunteer position like the one I’ve been doing doesn’t have a definitive end), and North Carolina for a friends wedding. So there are great moments to come, both during my final two weeks in Bolivia, and after.

Last Sunday, went to a park with one of my best friends, soaking in the view overlooking La Paz and remembering great moments.

Last Sunday, went to a park with one of my best friends, soaking in the view overlooking La Paz and remembering great moments.


2 thoughts on “Leaving Bolivia

  1. Dear Lauren:

    It was nice meeting you at OU WaTER conference and since then i have been fasciated by your story. I hope you can come to our conference again this year and we can have more time to share your story. What is your schedule this summer or Fall? I would love to invite you to give us a story sharing seminar at your convenience either at Oklahoma or East Asia.

    Thanks and Best Wishes !!!

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