Faith Calling

“If we each have a personal mission statement, what’s yours?” someone asked me.

//  To make manifest who God is.  //

His character, his love, his forgiveness, his care for individuals, his justice. Jesus did this; he was God manifested in human form. As a follower, I hope to participate in God’s work on earth- though it will be in a much more imperfect and less universe-shaking way than the Messiah did.

This mission connects with a lot of my passions, too. Dance brings ideas and experiences into the physical realm. Mechanical engineering uses math and science to bring something into a useful existence.

Specifically for this season, my missional statement is

////  To make manifest God’s love and provision.  ////

To provide clean drinking water is to reflect God’s love and how he provides for each of us. To work together with brothers and sisters from another country makes our world a little more divine- it makes God manifest.


The religious views and theology here and elsewhere in this blog are my own current perspectives and my unfinished, imperfect, unpolished thoughts. They are not a representation of the Methodist church or related entities, or Engineers In Action.


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