Welcome! Please come along on this next adventure of my life where I will work with communities in Bolivia to improve water supply, sanitation, and medical facilities.

I’ll be working with Engineers In Action; an incredible non-profit committed to sustainable engineering development with the poorest communities throughout Bolivia, achieved through partnership. Read more about me and this position on EIA’s News Flash: EIA Welcomes New Staff Member!

Joining this team as the liaison between EIA and the Methodist Church in Bolivia means that EIA will now be able to partner with local churches that want to amplify their impact on their communities. We will also be able to partner with church groups in the U.S. for engineering design, instead of only secular organizations.

Because EIA’s current funds cannot be used for projects with partnering organizations that are religious, I am seeking donations so that I can be fully funded for one year. Please consider supporting me as a way of partnering with this work in Bolivia. To donate online, follow the link and select my name from the drop-down list. You can choose to make a one-time or a monthly gift. If you are comfortable with it, please let me know you donated so I can track that it ends up in the right place and track progress. I can be reached at for any questions, suggestions, or just to stay in touch.


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