Giving Thanks and Giving: Double Your Impact by Donating Monday Night

Thanksgiving, a day for giving thanks. This I give to you:

Thank you for supporting me. For cheering me when times have been hard and for reminding me of the purpose of my work, for checking in and catching up.  Thank you for foregoing spending so that you can donate each month. For each prayer, which furthers God’s beautiful work in Bolivia. Thank you on a personal level, on behalf of families in the towns Konani, Kenco, Carani, and Los Eucaliptos, and on behalf of kids like David in the video below.

My coworker talking with David, who was orphaned at 4 and lives independently. He lives in one of many communities without a local water source in which we will work this next year.

Now I invite you to give. As an act of thanksgiving for all that you’ve been given, would you consider helping more Bolivian families have clean water? If you donate on December 3, the donation can be matched. There are limited matching funds, so try to give right at 12:00am EST (which is 11:00pm Monday night, December 2nd, in IL and MN). To donate, go to and select my name from the dropdown list. Please email to let me know you donated or if you have any questions.

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I’m grateful for your support. What’s more, your support is necessary. Many communities in Bolivia don’t have access to basic resources, and I want to be able to serve in even more of them. With your commitment to donate and get matching funds, and my commitment to serve in even more communities, together we can more than double our impact this holiday season. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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