Acción de gracias

On Thursday we had a “Thanksgiving brunch” in the EIA office, with rolled deli turkey and sweet bread with zapallo- a Bolivian squash that tastes like pumpkin. 10704128_699487440147890_7102303470006758857_n

On Sunday my roommates and I had a full Thanksgiving dinner with a few friends and coworkers. It turned out quite well!

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In Spanish, Thanksgiving is translated to “Dia de acción de gracias”- Day of Action of Thanks or Day of Thanksgiving Action. I love the action part of it. In the U.S., we give thanks for ALL we have on Thursday, saying we have everything we need, then many the next day go out and crazily buy all the things they don’t have and don’t need.

That’s why I love the “Giving Tuesday” movement. In light of all you are thankful for, what will be your “thankfulness action”?

Through the Methodist church, donations on Tuesday will be matched one-for-one, just like last year. Donations to my personal support are NOT eligible to be matched, but to still multiply your impact you can donate elsewhere! You could support water projects in Bolivia (let me know so I can follow up). Or there’s other types of sustainable projects on the Bolivia-Peru border, and many Methodist Advance projects. It’s best to give at or soon after 12am (Monday night) to ensure the match.

Thank you for considering these options, or donating to ANY charity in honor of Giving Tuesday.